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If you do not have access to building supply water (cooling tower water) and dry fluid coolers are not an option we offer high-efficiency Outdoor Air-Cooled Chillers AC030DZV to AC080DZV with dual scroll compressors with dual refrigeration circuits and with their compact modular design are easy to install on the roof or ground. They come with a smart microprocessor-based with a door mounted key pad display with icons showing the chillers operation and displaying operating and fault conditions in English

Download the Outdoor Air Cooled Chillers Brochure.

  • Dual Scroll compressor 410A chillers.
  • Two (2) steps of capacity by compressor cycling. Optional hot gas for four (4) steps.
  • Standard operating range is from 20° F (-6.6° C) to 70° F (15.5° C) with a maximum of 105° F (40 C) entering condenser air temperature.
  • Four models to choose with 30, 40, 60, and 80 ton capacities at 50 F leaving water temperature.
  • AHRI certified and designed in compliance with CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-11 and UL 1995 4th edition 2005 Heating and Cooling Equipment.
  • Chillers have dual refrigeration circuits.
  • Dual circuit high efficiency brazed plate evaporators insulated with ¾” closed cell thermal insulation.
  • High efficiency copper tube and aluminum fin condensers with low noise top discharge propeller fans with speed control for head pressure down to 0 F (-17.7 C).
  • Evaporator and condensers are oversized to increase efficiency of the chiller.
  • Stainless steel base frame and supports.
  • NEMA / EEMAC Type 4/12 Control Panel.
  • Options include motorized evaporator on-off valve for stepped flow and flooded condenser for low ambient control of head pressure control to -25 F (-31 C), hot gas by-pass on stand-alone chillers and factory start-up.

1. Two different types of refrigeration compressors to choose from, Scroll and Semi-hermetic Reciprocating compressors for low temperature applications.
2. Three different types of Freon 410A, 448A and 449A for low temperature chillers.
3. Temperature range for standard chillers 20° F (-6° C) to 70° F (21° C), low temperature from 15° F (9.4 C) to -45° F (-42.5).
4. All chillers are factory run tested and shipped with a full charge of Freon, the condenserless and condensing units are pressure tested and electrically tested.

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