Central Chiller Systems For Heat Treating

Central Chilling Systems For Heat Treating

June 2020 – Heat treating is the use of heat to alter the physical and chemical properties of a material like metal. This process requires a lot of cooling. Tons of cooling.

Heat treated parts are found in almost everything we make.. Tractors, computers, hand tools, fasteners and gears all depend on heat treating. Keeping the parts themselves and the power supply cool is what we do best. Continue reading “Central Chiller Systems For Heat Treating”

Central Chilling Systems For Welding

Central Chiller Systems For Welding

June 2020 – In the past, welding was a process of joining metal together to form a larger structure or piece of equipment, i.e., pipelines or cars. Nowadays we can also add plastic to the list. In both cases heat is used to melt the pieces of material together and allowing them to cool.

Keeping everything cool in the welding process not only maximizes the life span of your equipment, it improves the quality of the welding itself.  Continue reading “Central Chilling Systems For Welding”

Central Chiller Systems For Metal Stamping

Central Chilling Systems For Metal Stamping

June 2020 – The metal stamping process includes a variety of metal forming techiques from blanking, coining, flanging and punching to bending and embossing. All of these processes deliver the complex parts and components needed for manufacturing of everything from cars to airplanes.

Metal stamping is also a major source of heat that is generated by the machine hydraulic system and has to be either removed or reused. This is where we can help.

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