Tank Sets

Chilled Water (CWPT) And Tower Water Pump Tanks (TWPT)

Temperature Corporation manufactures chilled water and tower water pumps and systems for central or plant wide chilling or cooling tower systems. 

An industrial pump tank set is basically a large reservoir holding the chilled or tower water. Each tank will have one or more chiller/tower pumps used to circulate the hot process return water to the chiller(s) or cooling tower(s), and one or more industrial pumps to circulate the cooled water to the process equipment.

Depending on the size of the system there may be two or three pumps to supply water or water/glycol to the chillers or cooling towers and to the process. A stand-by pump is recommended in case of pump failure.

We offer chilled water tanks with single pump, double pumps (chiller/tower and process) and three pumps with a manual standby, automatic stand-by and multiple pump sets for large process cooling loads. We use only industrial rate pumps.

Chilled water tanks are insulated outside with ¾” thick closed cell thermal insulation where tower water tanks are painted outside.

Single Pump Tank Sets
Single pump tank set can be used where the process water flow is constant and the flow is the same as the chiller. Not recommended for cooling towers in a cold climate where the cooling tower can freeze.

Dual Pump Tank Sets
Dual Pump Tank Sets are the most common type and has two pumps. One pump is dedicated to the chillers or cooling towers to maintain constant flow required by them to ensure maximum efficiency and safe operation.

The second pump is dedicated to the process to supply higher flows than the chiller or cooling tower would normally allow, or varying flows and higher water pressure required by the varying process equipment demand.

Manual Three Pump Standby Tank Sets
Three pump standby is the most common method to add a standby pump to the tank set. A third pump, the same capacity as the process pump, is installed on the frame between the two existing pumps with a common discharge header. Two isolation valves are located one on either side of the standby pump, if the process pump fails its discharge valve is closed, the isolation on the process header side is opened and you are in operation and the defective pump can be repaired. If the chiller or tower pump fails the same procedure is followed.

Automatic Pump Stand-by Tank Sets
Where a stand-pump is added to both the chiller or tower and the process pumps, the pump is automatically started when the lead pump fails and an alarm is given that the primary pump has failed.

Multiple Pump Tank Sets
Multiple pump systems are for large systems where the tank set has two or more chiller or tower pumps and two or more process pumps. When high water flows are required, two or three industrial pumps will supply the required flow and save on total horsepower and pump cost.

Structural Steel Bases
Pumps and tank are mounted on structural steel welded bases that are painted with the control panel or motor starters mounted to the tank.

  • Chilled Water CWPT with 7 models to choose from.
  • Starting from 25 tons through to 200 tons.
  • Tower WaterTWPT with 7 models to choose from.
  • Starting from 40 tons through to 200 tons.
  • Suction and discharge unions or flanges for pump removal.
  • Suction shut-off valves and discharge flow control valves, check valves, pressure and temperature gauges.
  • Discharge headers with isolation valves, temperature gauges and pressure gauges.
  • Tank fabricated from 304L stainless steel, internal baffles and lid.
  • City water float make up valve with shut-off valve on water systems and low level float on glycol/water systems.

Options For Both Models

  • Larger pump tank models up to 750 tons capacity.
  • Discharge single or dual basket or dual basket or “Y” strainers with isolation valves and alarms.
  • Central control pump panel with door mounted fused disconnect, individual pump fuses, 120V control with fuse, run and fail lights, audible alarm with silence button.
  • Central thermostats to cycle multiple chillers or cooling towers fans and pump.
  • Sump pump assemblies with the same pump configurations as tank set systems.


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