Water Series

Water Chillers – WCP 1.5 to WCP 40

Temperature Corporation manufactures water chillers (with a water cooled condenser) for any industrial process that requires process cooling. Our WCP Series water chillers were designed to cool down both the process as well as the process equipment.

Most companies invest in water chillers to protect their valuable process equipment, i.e., lasers, spot welders, injection molding equipment, and other applications. As a viable alternative to cooling towers, our water cooled chillers will not only keep your equipment cool, they will use less water saving you money on your water bill.

Efficient and long lasting water chillers are a small price to pay for protecting a considerable investment in processing equipment, and they will protect your equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years to come. Our water chillers should improve the speed and accuracy of your process by maintaining a constant and proper cooling temperature. With fewer break downs, you should see a dramatic decrease in the number of rejected parts, while enjoying a sizable increase in the number of parts produced per hour.

We offer the WCP series which is a water cooled condenser portable chiller with single or double pump tanks. From WCP-10 to 40 we can use dual compressors and the model number will change to WCP-10D or WCP-15D. This series features:

  • 9 models to choose from
  • 1.5 tons through to 40 tons.
  • Copeland “SCROLL” compressors.
  • Single Copeland Scroll compressor up to 25 hp.
  • Single Copeland DISCUS compressor up to 40 hp.
  • Dual Scroll compressors available from 10 to 50 ton models.
  • Water regulating valve for head pressure control.
  • Stainless steel frames, tanks.
  • Non-rusting water piping.
  • For freeze protection we use both a flow switch and freeze thermostat.
  • Larger units dual semi-hermetic compressors up to 80 tons with cylinder unloading for capacity control.

Main Features

This water cooled chiller comes with a single scroll compressor up to 30 hp with hot gas by-pass for two (2) steps of capacity control, 100% 50% and off, and a single semi-hermetic compressor from 30 hp to 40 hp with cylinder unloading for three steps of capacity control, 100%, 66%, 33% and off. We offer dual compressor with dual refrigeration circuit chillers from 10 hp and up.

The evaporator for the water chiller features a 5 to 40 ton stainless steel copper brazed plate chiller vessel insulated outside with an outlet freeze thermostat, an outlet water flow switch and return line bronze “Y” strainer.

The condenser for the water chiller features a 5 to 40 ton stainless steel copper brazed plate condenser with pressure relief valve and water regulating valve for head pressure control.

The tank for the water chiller is a 16 gauge stainless steel welded tank complete with ½” armaflex insulation, an 1 ¼” clear plastic water level – fill tube with vent cap, side bottom drain with shut-off valve and a return line shutoff valve. Tank capacities range from 10 gallons to 100 gallons.

This water chiller comes with a stainless steel pump up to a 5 hp close coupled to a 3500 rpm ODP motor and cast iron pump with bronze impeller 7.5 hp and up, pumps complete with non-ferrous piping with a bronze suction shut-off valve, suction hose for pump removal, discharge hose on the small chillers and PVC sch. 80 piping on the larger chillers all with pump discharge pressure gauge with shut-off valve. TEFC motors, discharge pressure operated water by-pass valve and dual pumps optional.

The controls for the water chiller consist of a two (2) or four (4) stage solid state digital temperature controller with adjustable set points, refrigeration high and low pressure safeties, power on, run and fail lights and compressor motor internal thermal overload protection in winding.

The dual chiller uses both a flow switch and a freeze thermostat.

Other notable components include a refrigeration expansion valve, sight glass moisture indicator, filter dryer, liquid line solenoid with shutoff valve, a hot gas solenoid with shut-off valve on scroll compressor chillers or compressor unloading solenoid coils on semi-hermetic compressor chillers, compressor crankcase heater off when the compressor is operating and oil safety control on semi-hermetic compressors.

NEMA 12 (EEMAC 12) control panel with through-the-door non-fused disconnect, compressor and pump three phase fuses, compressor motor contactor, pump motor starters, control voltage transformer with primary and secondary fuses, power on, run and fail lights, panel and chiller are ESA or CSA approved at our plant and shipped with label.

Chiller base frame is fabricated from 12 ga. stainless steel welded with 5″ casters: two swivel, two rigid. Larger chillers have six (6) casters: four swivel and two rigid.

All models 230/460/575V, 3 phase, 60 hertz and 380V, 3 phase, 50 hertz.