Portable Chillers

Looking for portable chillers that won’t break down a year after you bought them? At Temperature Corporation, we manufacture portable chillers that are built for dusty, dirty and hot industrial environments. They won’t freeze, they won’t rust and best of all, they’re extremely efficient and easy to use. We offer water and air cooled portable chillers that can be used to cool any machine or process that operates at 60°F or lower. Our chillers are designed to cool discrete manufacturing and process equipment by refrigerating coolants used in equipment operation. Each portable chiller is a self-contained unit on castors that can be moved from one user (injection molding machine or other process equipment) to another. Our portable chillers fall into the following three categories:

Portable Air Chillers: Mini, and Standard
Portable Water Chillers: Water
Portable Air Cooling: Air Cooling Chillers and Film Air Coolers

We also manufacture packaged chillers which, unlike our portable chillers, have a double pump tank set and is fixed (not portable) in their location once installed.

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