To size your production machine cooling load use the following information: Calculate the total lbs/hour of material your machine uses and divide it by the lbs/ton listed below for your specific process. This will give you the tons of cooling required at 50° F leaving water temperature.

Download the Load Sizing Formulas Sheet.

Glycol Concentration Requirements – concentrations required to operate at different leaving water temperatures to prevent freezing.

When operating below 50 F you must decrease the rated chiller cooling capacity by 2% for every one degree F you operate below 50° F.

To correct for 45° F operation you would divide the chiller rated cooling load by 0.9. See calculation: 100% – (2% x 5° F below 50° F) = 90% or 0.9.

You can also fill out our Sizing Data Sheet and fax it to us at (905) 513 – 8358. Click here and then select File/Print (there are four pages).

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