Engineered Chillers

Temperature Corporation manufactures custom designed equipment to meet a variety of customer needs.

These custom engineered cooling solutions can range from something as simple as changing the shape and size of a tank set or chiller to suit our customer’s plant space, or by adding structural steel to support the chiller(s) above the tank, or mounting the pumps under the tank – to more complicated packages for special process applications requiring plate and frame or shell and tube heat exchangers mounted on the chiller or pump tank frame. These packages come pre-piped with strainers, fine particle filters, chemical treatment, water softeners, isolation valves, motorized or pneumatic control valves, pressure and temperature gauges. EEMAC 12 or 4 control panels complete with run and fail lights, disconnect, 3-phase fusing, 120 volt control, pre-wired to motors, control valves, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, alarms and plant PLC systems.

Whatever application problem you might be having, we look forward to the challenge of finding the right solution. Below are just some of the ways that we solved a process or cooling application problem.

#1 Custom Design Solution
Customer’s conditions
: A chilled water system to cool 750 gpm of grinding solution that could become contaminated with metal fines. The pressure drop through the heat exchanger forthe 750 gpm process could not exceed 2 psi.

Our solution: A remote air condenser chiller with a shell and “U” tube heat exchanger, the process fluid goes through in the shell and the chilled water through the tubes. We chose a “U” tube heat exchangers because the tube bundle can be removed for cleaning. An 18″ diameter vessel was required to achieve a 1.8 psi drop through the shell and two 8″ inlets and one 8″ outlet were required to maintain proper fluid velocity to achieve heat transfer rate.

#2 Custom Design Solution
Customer’s conditions: 
To cool 5 gallons of city water ranging in temperature from 70° F during the summer months to as low as 45° F in the winter months down to 40° F and hold with +/- 1° F. The chiller cannot add any heat to the building and must operate all year round.

Our solution: We supplied an 8 hp compressor with 4.5 tons capacity at 34° F glycol/water chiller to operate at no lower than 33° F with the city water being cooled through a stainless brazed plate heat exchanger, two lock-out thermostats were used to stop the chiller compressor to preven freezing of the city water heat exchanger. The first senses the temperature of the leaving glycol from the evaporator, the other senses the temperature of the leaving city water from the heat exchanger, either one can stop the compressor until the condition is checked, corrected and the thermostat manually reset.

To ensure control of the leaving city water temperature within +/- 1° F, we used a three-way motorized valve sensing the leaving city water temperature to by-pass the glycol around the heat exchanger maintaining the leaving city water temperature.

To prevent short cycling of the compressor we used an oversized glycol tank and a hot gas by-pass valve sized to reduce evaporator capacity by 50%. An outdoor condenser was used so that no heat was added to the plant and was designed to operate as a flooded condenser with head pressure control valves to maintain head pressure during the winter months and ensure enough heat for the hot-gas by-pass valve to operate properly.

#3 Custom Design Solution
Customer’s conditions:
 To cool the hydraulics on a 200 hp injection molding machine using an existing supply of city water (20 gpm) that is being used in the plant. Our cooling unit had to operate under the following conditions:

  • The molding machine had to operate 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.
  • The 20 gpm flow was not used 24 hours/day or the flow could be lower than 20 gpm.
  • We could not restrict the 20 gpm flow.
  • The 20 gpm flow could be hotter than we required during the summer months.
  • The system had to operate with heat exchanger out of the loop for cleaning.
  • Stand-by heat exchanger recirculating pump.

Our solution: We supplied a stainless steel plate and frame heat exchanger package with a stainless steel tank and two pumps each circulating 60 gpm of water through the hydraulic heat exchanger and through the plate and frame. 20 gpm of city water entering the other side of the heat exchanger at a maximum of 70° F will cool the hydraulic water loop from 95° F to 85° F.

Using three valves the heat exchanger could be by-passed and removed for service while the city water cools the heat exchanger directly with the hot water going down the sanitary drain.

Using a temperature operated valve on the outlet side of the city water line sensing the leaving water to the hydraulic heat exchanger, we could dump water to the sanitary drain if the plant water was not being used, or the flow was less than 20 gpm or entered hotter than required. Three flow control valves were installed to allow the system to be balanced.

#4 Custom Design Solution
Customer’s conditions
: To isolate the dirty cooling tower water from the process water. All the components had to be mounted on one skid that must fit into a truck destined for Mexico. All the water connections, drain, overflow and control panel were locate to mate to the appropriate connections in the mechanical room.

The solution: The skid size was 7’6″ (W) x 14′ (L) with a four pump tank set (tower and process each had their own stand-by pump and header).

The system was sized to handle two 125 ton cooling towers. The plate and frame heat exchanger was mounted on the pump skid and pre-piped to the pumps with inlet strainers, inlet and outlet valves, pressure and temperature gauges. The pumps were pre-wired to the control panel along with alarms and sensors.

#5 Custom Design Solution
Engineered systems: 
We can supply installation assistance with plant piping drawings through to a complete “turnkey installation”.

The services we offer: 
Refrigeration mechanics for installation of our split chiller packages, galvanized sheet metal air ducts and 24 hour 7 day a week chiller and cooling tower service in the greater Toronto area. Millwrights for the installation of new of chillers, cooling towers, tank sets or moving of existing equipment to a new plant.

Mechanical for steel stands with footings to support cooling towers or chillers outside and mezzanines inside to support chillers and tank sets. Pipe fitters for water piping, air lines and condensate lines. Pipe runs in steel, galvanized steel, PVC and copper. Steel pipe joints and drops can be threaded, welded or victualic coupled or a combination of all three.

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