Client List

To help you make a decision when it comes to your process cooling problem we have put together the following list of the customers we have worked with over the past 40+ years. Our clients are from across Canada and the United States from a vast cross section of industries.

AAR-KEL Moulds Ltd.
Abbott Laboratories Ltd.
ACIC (Canada) Inc
Alberta Plastics
Alcan Cable Ascent Ltd.
Ascent Ltd
Astro Valcour
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.
Avesta Profile Systems Ltd.
Axiom Plastics
Bericap Canada Inc.
BGS Polymers
Blount Canada Ltd
BKM Tristar Inc.
Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd.
Body Blue Inc.
Bristol Aerospace Ltd.
Brite Millwork
Build-A-Mold Ltd.
Canada Tools & Moulding Supplies
Canadian Bluebird Coach Ltd.
Canadian General – Tower Ltd.
Canco Plastics Inc.
Central Wire
Clarke Mechanical Design Ltd.
Co-Ex-Tec Industries
Cool Breeze Service Ltd
Copol International Ltd.
Cosmetica Laboratories Inc.
CTK Corporation
CYRO Canada Inc.
D.M. Industries Inc.
DDM Plastics Inc.
Disk Tooling
Dural Adhesives
ECI Medical
Electro Cables
Environthermics Inc.
ERJ CNC Tool & Die
Exide Canada
Fabrene Inc.
Fedico Inc.
Field Temperature Control
Forbo Arborite Inc.
Foremost Machine Builders Inc.
Founder Plastics Future Design Inc.
G.A. Plastic Mfg Ltd.
Gates Canada Inc.
GE Plastics
GGS Plastic Engineering
GMA Cover Corporation
Granpak Ltd.
Guelph Tool & Die Ltd.
Hastech Inc.
Hayes Lemmers International
Horn Plastics Inc.
Hunter Drums Ltd.
Hygien – Technik Canada Inc.
Ideal Drain Tile
Ideal Pipe
Identicard Ltd.
Infinity Moulding
Integrated Technology Ltd (ITL Circuits)
Kaldon Plastics Inc.
Kinetics Modular Systems
Lampae Inc.
Lauren Tool
Lever Pond’s
Limburg Plastics
Litens Automotive
Manchester Plastics Ltd.
Mancuso Chemical Ltd.
Master Precision Inc.
Mechanical Air Services Ltd.
Midwest Precision Mould Ltd
Milliken Converting Inc. (GM Coatings)
Milliken Engineering Inc. (GM Coatings)
Montell Canada Inc.
Morbern Inc.
N.H. Global Design Inc.
National Vinyl Products Inc.
Nelson Steel
Nexwood Industries Ltd.
Northern Wicks
Paperboard Industries Corporation
Performance Injection Moulding Inc.
Performance Injection Moulding Ltd.
Performance Plastics Ltd.
Petro Canada
Pine Valley Polymers Inc.
Plascom Plastic Machinery & Services
Plastiques Equipment & Accessories Inc.
Plastiques Gagnon
Polycon Industries
Polysteel Atlantic Ltd.
Portola Packaging Canada Ltd.
Post Meridiem Plastics
Precise Cooling (Scott Mechanical Ltd)
Premier Candle Corporation
Progressive Moulded Products Ltd
Promold Corporation
Pro-Tech Mechanical Services Ltd
Public Works & Government Services Canada
Quality Safety Systems
Queens University
Resco Colours
Romak Products
Rondi Inc.
Roytec Vinyl Co.
Rudolph’s Specialty Bakeries Ltd.
S & S Plastics
Samsonite Canada Inc.
Scotia Scientific Inc.
SDM Inc.
Shepherd Products
Spectra Anodizing Ltd
Stadco Polyproducts Inc.
Standard MFG Services Ltd.
Stannair Conditioning Inc.
Starplex Scientific
Stoney Creek Mould Inc.
T.J. Manufacturing Inc.
T.S. Simms & Co. Ltd.
Teknaform Inc.
Tempo Plastics Inc.
Transgear Manufacturing Inc.
Traxle Manufacturing Ltd
Tri-Star Refrigeration
Truefoam Ltd.
Western Plastics
WG Pro-Manufacturing Inc.
William Roberts
Xemar Industries Inc.

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