Remote Condenser Screw Chillers – WCLX

Temperature Corporation designs and manufactures remote condenser screw modular chillers that are easy to install, easy to repair and will give you significant savings. The indoor chiller portion is compact in size allowing for easy installation in places where space is severely limited.

Download the Remote Condenser Screw Modular Chillers – WCLX Brochure.

  • Single Rotary Screw 134a compressor chillers complete with brazed plate evaporator, electronic expansion valve and liquid receiver with pressure relief.
  • Standard operating range from 10° F to 60° F leaving fluid temperature with a maximum condensing temperature is 140° F (60° C).
  • UL 1995 approved.
  • 7 models to choose from WCL060SSY, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140.
  • Single refrigeration circuit.
  • Evaporators are oversized to increase efficiency of the chiller.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact Size: compact design allows for easy installation in places where space is severely limited, i.e., mechanical rooms, narrow doors, halls and small elevators.
  • Easily Installed: each chiller is shipped complete with panels and water headers. Once the chiller is in position, all that needs to be done is connect the main headers to each other and connect the main power to the chiller.
  • Easy To Operate: large LCD displays in each chiller allows the operator to read operating and fault conditions in English and with our larger display on the System Remote Master it is even easier to see the status of each chiller in the group. Both displays have key pads for entering or retrieving data and monitoring the many display screens.
  • Outstanding Reliability: advanced chiller design incorporates dual High Efficiency SCROLL compressors with dual refrigeration circuits, oversized dual circuit stainless steel copper brazed plate evaporator and condenser, all necessary refrigeration components and safety controls. Combined with our exclusive “INTELLIGENT CHILLER” control system insures year-round reliable chiller operation for many years.
  • Unsurpassed Operating Efficiencies: with a high efficiency 134a SCREW compressor, oversized evaporator we achieve some of the lowest kw/ton and highest EER’s in the industry today.
  • Extraordinary Safety Protection: With our exclusive “INTELLIGENT CHILLER” control system that senses all of the following points to prevent nuisance trips while protecting your chiller: Compressor operating temperatures and pressures, chilled water temperatures, chilled water flow, condenser water temperatures, phase reversal, under/over voltage, compressor internal protection, rotates compressors on a first in – first out basis to equalize both run times and compressor starts.