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Don’t have access to building supply water (cooling tower water) and additional heat in the plant is not a viable option? We offer high efficiency remote air cooled condensers to be used with our high efficiency dual scroll and rotary screw condenserless chillers.

Download the Remote Air Cooled Condensers – TRAC Brochure.

These remote air-cooled condensers can be located on the roof or ground and are designed to operate from 105 F (40 C) summer ambient conditions down to 0°F (-17.7° C) with fan cycling and speed control of the first fan and down to -25° F (-31° C) ambient with flooded condenser incorporating a liquid receiver and head pressure control valves. Units for operating at higher summer ambient conditions available.

  • Units available for 410A, and 134a.
  • Standard 410A condensers to match our scroll chillers – models TRAC030DZV, 50, 80, 125.
  • Standard 134a condensers to match our screw chillers – models TRAC060DZV, 70, 80, 90, 110,125.
  • We also supply condensers to match the condensing capacity of non-standard chillers and chillers with other Freons.

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