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Temperature Corporation designs plant wide chillers (or see central chilling systems) for the plastic moldig industry.

As the plastics industry migrates away from hydraulic to electric molding systems, a plant wide chiling system is a worthwhile investment. We manufacture plant wide chillers for cooling both your molding machines and molded products. If you no longer need a cooling tower, the best option is our remote air condenser that works with our modular chiller design. When it comes to saving energy and avoiding costly breakdowns and lost production, a plant wide cooling solution is the only way to go. If you’re looking for a quality designed chiller that is durable, reliable, easy to install and service, then you’ve come to the right place.

Plant Wide Chillers

Once electric machines began trickling into the market in early 1980s, that trickle has turned into a flood. What initially looked like an expensive alternative is now the new standard in the high paced world of the plastic molding industry. Electric machines now span the full size range from micro to mega and are available for everything from all purpose to multi-component and vertical insert molding.

A plant wide chilling system is a self-contained chilling system with more than one unit, with more than one or more compressors, but with no pump tank set. In large injection molding plants cooling tower systems may be purchased at the same time as the chilling system.

Our plant wide chillers come in four different configurations: water cooled, indoor and outdoor air cooled and remote air cooled chillers. The new modular chillers offer a system that can be expanded, take up minimal plant floor space and can be removed for service without shutting down the rest of the chiller system.

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