4900 Series

The 4900 series Induced Draft Cross Flow cooling tower with low horsepower top discharge direct drive propeller fans, saves on power consumption and reduces the chance of the discharged air from recirculating and reducing capacity in the summer months and freeze-up in the winter months.

  • 15 models to choose from
  • 10 tons through to 175 tons
  • CTI certified
  • Belt driven with motor outside of air stream.
  • Lower shipping and operating weight
  • G-235 galvanized steel panels and supports (2.1 ounces per square foot, 1.8 mils thick)
  • PVC flame retarded wet deck, louvers and drift eliminators
  • Large opening polypropylene nozzles resist clogging
  • Tower shipped in one piece, fan motor and drive belts installed after hoisting
  • Factor Mutual fire rating

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