Injection Molding

Temperature Corporation manufactures chillers specifically designed for injection mold cooling.

In addition to removing the heat from the plastic mold, our chillers can be used to transfer heat away from the hydraulic heat exchanger, the mold temperature controller (thermolator) and the feed throat of the injection molding machine. While there are other heat removal devices such as a cooling tower, well or city water, our chillers offer some distinct advantages.

Why Use a Chiller for Your Injection Molding Process?

There are two main reasons for using a chiller for the injection mold cooling process.

1. To Protect Your Equipment: while the chiller represents a small cost of the processing equipment, it provides solid protection of your investment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years and years to come.

2. To increase Production: maintaining a constant and proper cooling temperature in your process equipment will increase the number of parts produced per hour, and a significant reduction in the number of defective parts.

Using a chiller also means:

Less Scrap: a consistent and reliable supply of the proper temperature to the process which means less scrap.

Better Heat Transfer Rates, Less Maintenance and Downtime: because a chiller uses a closed water loop, a better quality of water will be used, resulting in better heat transfer rates, less required maintenance and decreased downtime.

Colder Water: a chiller can produce much colder water (or water/glycol mixture) than any of the other cooling alternatives, giving you certain advantages under some circumstances.

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