Ice Rinks

Chillers for Curling and Ice Rinks

Temperature Corporation manufactures chillers for skating rinks and curling facilities.

Our chillers use either Freon 410A or  448A/449A and can be supplied with brazed plate evaporators for glycol or methanol systems and shell and tube evaporators for calcium chloride systems. We use Scroll compressors for 410A chillers, semi-hermetic reciprocating or screw compressors for 448A/449A chillers.

The 410A Scroll compressor chillers can be coupled together to produce a large tonnage system, i.e., Four (4) 40 hp chillers with 20 tons capacity coupled together to make a 80 ton cooling system. This approach gives multiple compressors and refrigeration circuits for redundancy and allows compressors to cycle off under light or low load conditions saving energy.

These chillers can be supplied with de-super heaters to pre-heat hot water for heating and with double wall brazed heat exchanges supply pre-heated potable water for showers.

Rotary Screw Chillers For Skating, Curling and Ice Hockey Rinks

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