Low Temperature Chillers

Jan 2020 – The most reliable method for controlling your temperature  when making a beverage are low temperature chillers that use glycol as the coolant. Whether its juice, wine or milk, a low temperature glycol system will allow you to cool lower than a water system without freezing up the chiller. 

Low temperature chillers are ideal for all sorts of food processing applications. This particular low temperature chiller is unique in so far it uses glycol which can lower the freezing point in the application of the chilling system.

When asked to design a system for making juice, we recommended a low temperature chiller with a screw compressor. This allowed the customer to operate at +1° F for cooling glycol.

Screw type chiller systems are not only better suited for low temperature applications, they are extremely easy to install. They can also be expanded and serviced in place with shutting down the rest of the system.

All our low temperature chillers are designed in compliance with CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-11 and UL 1995 4th edition 2005 Heating and Cooling Equipment.

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