Micro Brewery Chillers

May 2020 – The micro brewery often starts with the dream to make a quality beer that is innovative and unique. Our micro brewery chillers can make that dream come true.

We take great pride in designing the best possible micro brewery chillers on the market.  From small 3 to 500 bbl brewing systems, a micro brewery chiller is a critical part in the brewing process.

Temperature Control
Temperature control is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating a quality beer. Flavor and a consistent taste are the two most important factors to consider when it comes to developing a commited customer base.  Creating a great flavor and consistent taste depends on how well you can maintain the right temperature during the  fermentation process.

Low Temperature Chillers
While temperature control is important, the brewing process also demands  a lower temperature than is normally required by other applications. To get that lower temperature, we recommend brewery glycol chillers that use propylene glycol or a mixture of glycol and water.

There are several options to consider when it comes to getting the right cooling system for your micro brewery. Knowing what those options are is a good way to start. At Temperature Corporation we offer the following  solutions:

  • Indoor air cooled chiller with pump and standard glycol tank set.
  • Outdoor air cooled chiller with pump and standard glycol tank set, chiller will be set up for your local winter ambient conditions.
  • Indoor or outdoor units with separate large glycol tanks pre-piped to the chiller pump.
  • Indoor heat exchangers to separate chiller glycol from plant water system.
  • Dual pump systems where higher glycol flows are required to the tank farm than the normal chiller flow.

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