Heat Reclaim Chillers For Meat Plant

Sep 2019 – Most people think of boilers for heating water used in a plant. But if you need chilling all year round you can also use the chiller to make hot water.

If you’re running water cooled chillers for air conditioning, you can use the condenser water to make hot water. Using dedicated heat reclaim chillers is an efficient way to make hot water to heat your building. If you need hot water to be used in the food process, think of heat reclaim chillers.

Dedicated heat reclaim chillers have a lot of applications. One of the more interesting is the use of chillers to heat water in food production. Instead of using a boiler, a group chillers can be used. A good case in point is the use of this chiller for a meat plant in Ontario.

The process is simple. During the cooling operation, a heat reclaim chiller will produce chilled water as it leaves the evaporator while dissipating heat through the condenser and out into the environment. Instead of just letting that heat get a way, it can be reclaimed to heat water.

In this case, four heat reclaim chillers were built to heat 600 gpm of water 120 F to 130 F with a COP over 4.5. A boiler would be less than a COP of 1. With heat reclaim chillers they are getting 4.5 times the energy output than the energy input. These chillers will not only reduce total energy consumption, they will reduce the amount of heat sent out in to the environment.

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