Chiller Repair Service

Aug 2019 –  Every one knows how a reliable chiller repair service can minimize disruptions to the production process. When your chiller breaks down and you can’t meet customer demand, it could quickly become a matter of survival.  

We recently repaired this frozen chiller by replacing the evaporator, compressor and all the refrigeration components.

While minor repairs can be done in the field, it is much faster if you send us the chiller. We can also do a much better job when we do the repairs at our own shop.

We can replace damaged compressors including the evaporator and all the refrigeration parts. Our chiller repair service also includes replacing burnt out compressors or any other parts that have failed.

We can also remove a proprietary controller in the chiller that either cannot be repaired or the parts are too expensive. If necessary, we can even replace it with our own off the shelf control thermostat and rewire the chiller.

More for more information about our chiller repair service please contact us at our head office at (905)-513-8310.

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