Dairy Chillers

Dairy Chillers for the Milk Processing Industry

Temperature Corporation manufactures chiller systems including water and air cooled chillers for the dairy industry. The production of milk involves a cooling down period where the pasteurization process heats the milk. To prevent the deterioration of the milk molecule the pasteurized milk has to be cooled to 32° F. Let us design a custom chilling and control system to enhance your existing process or to expand your operation.

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Milk has to be pasteurized if you want to kill the harmful bacteria without changing the milk’s nutrient value. In the modern dairy, milk is pasteurized in one of two ways:

  • by using the HTST (High Temperature Short Time) process, which heats the milk to at least 72° C for 16 seconds and then cools it to 4° C or,
  • by using the UHT (Ultra High Temperature) process which heats the milk to at least 138°C for not less than 2 seconds and then quickly cools it down to 2° C.

Regardless of the method used, a chilling system is going to be required. To cool down the milk most dairies are starting to use some sort of central chilling system which is not only more energy efficient and more reliable, but more accurate.

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