Rotary Screw Chiller For Skating, Curling and Ice Hockey Rinks

Sep 2020 – Instead of using ammonia for skating, curling and hockey rinks cooling – Temperature Corporation manufactures a complete line of medium temperature Freon 448A and 449A rotary screw compressor modular air cooled and water cooled chillers.

Our latest design shown above is an outdoor air cooled chiller with a 60 horsepower screw compressor that runs at 5° F suction temperature, 120° F condensing temperature for 15° F leaving fluid temperature. These chillers can use brazed plate evaporators for glycol and methanol systems and shell and tube evaporators for calcium chloride systems.

Using the same screw compressor shown above, we can also supply low temperature chillers down to 0° F (-17.7° C) for a variety of cooling processes.

We also supply dual circuit modular Freon 410A scroll compressor and semi-hermetic compressor 448A and 449A air cooled and water cooled chillers using brazed plate evaporators for glycol and methanol systems and shell and tube for calcium chloride systems. As well our semi-hermetic compressor chillers can be designed to go down to -40° F (-40° C).

With our modular chillers (screw and scroll) you can couple them together to achieve a larger cooling system. You can also have multiple compressors so that there is no down time if you lose one circuit. This approach gives multiple compressors and refrigeration circuits for redundancy and allows compressors to cycle off under light or low load conditions saving energy.

All of the outdoor air cooled chillers come standard with fan cycling and speed control of the first fan good to 0° F (-17.7° C) and by adding a flooded condenser system for -25° F (31.6° C) with a heated and insulated receive and heated control panel.

All of the 448A and 449A chillers come standard with 1) the Economizer heat exchanger to improve the compressor efficiency,  2) a suction accumulator to protect the compressor and 3) a compressor oil separator due to high oil carryover. These chillers can also be supplied with de-super heaters to pre-heat hot water for heating.

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