Air Series

Air Cooling Chillers For Blown Film

Temperature Corporation manufactures air cooling chillers for blown film production.

To cool the air ring on a single film line we offer our AC series of air cooling – air chillers complete with our EC-TC control system we maintain the leaving air temperature to +/- 1°F (1°C) from 100% capacity down to 5% capacity, regardless of the entering air temperature or humidity.

These units offer an affordable alternative to an air cooling coil and water chiller combination.

  • 5 models to choose from
  • 500 cfm – 5 ton chiller to 2500 cfm – 25 ton chiller.
  • Stainless steel insulated housing.
  • High efficiency copper tube – aluminum fin coil.
  • Digital read out of leaving air temperature.
  • Freeze protection from a freeze thermostat and air flow switch.
  • 2 YEAR parts warranty on the whole unit.

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