Chillers For Hydrogen Cooling Systems

Apr 2024 – The use of a renewable energy like hydrogen is starting to attract some serious attention in the automotive industry. Most of the hydrogen produced today comes steam reforming of natural gas, methane and coal.  We want to be a part of this promising new development.

The use of hydrogen to power fuel cells that generate electricity is an environment friendly alternative because it generates zero emissions. Pure water or steam is the only side effect.  Our hydrogen chillers can easily provide the cooling required to make this happen.

The difficult part is loading that compressed hydrogen from a hydrogen fueling dispenser or station into a container on an automobile. Not only does the hydrogen need to be cooled enough to generate the required working pressure.  It also has to be done with virtually no risk. Hydrogen is extremely flammable and needs to be handled with care.

At Temperature Corporation we offer a cooling solution using hydrogen chillers that is ideal for providing the right amount of cooling. Using two stage compressors we can get down to -45° F (-43° C) with Dynalene HC-50.

Our hydrogen chillers also feature a stainless steel frame and panels, brazed plate heat exchangers, chiller controller with door mounted keypad display and communications with BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP or Modbus.

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