Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller For Winery

July 2019 – Controlling the temperature in your winery is a critical component of a successful wine making process. This particular outdoor air cooled chiller provides the kind of control that wineries expect.

Temperature Corporation manufactures  custom designed winemaking chillers and control systems. Our chiller design is the ideal fit for the small and simple to the advanced and large winery. Whether you’re planning to update your existing cooling system or want to expand your operation, let us help to choose the right chilling system solution for you.

Small and compact outdoor air cooled chillers such as this are becoming increasingly popular. This particular design includes a Flooded Condenser with Fan Speed Control for low winter ambient control down to -30 F.

To provide the kind of temperature control that you need, make sure that you get the right size of chiller for your process. Small portable winemaking chillers like this one are often chosen due to limited production, building size and expense budgets. Choosing the right power and capacity of the chiller is also important . In many cases, it is better to go small in the beginning and then expand later on if necessary.

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