Water Cooled Scroll Condensing Units- WCUX

The WCUX010DZV – WCU085DZV Water Cooled Scroll Condensing Units are the best modular chillers available today. They can be easily installed, expanded and removed for service with shutting down the rest of the system.

Having the smallest plant foot print they are the ideal water cooled condenser for your cooling needs. They feature single or dual refrigeration circuits and a smart microprocessor and are available in the following configurations.

Download the Water Cooled Scroll Condensing Units Brochure.

  • Standard 410A condensing units designed to a maximum entering condenser water of 95°F (35 C)
  • AHRI certified and UL 1995 approved.
  • 8 models to choose from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, 75 and 85.
  • Condensing units have dual high efficiency scroll compressors.
  • Chillers are dual refrigeration circuit up to 85 tons.
  • Dual circuit high efficiency brazed plate condensers.
  • Condensers are oversized to increase efficiency of the chiller.
  • Options include motorized valves for head pressure control, sound blankets, hot gas by-pass on stand-alone chillers and factory start-up.

Features and Benefits

    • Compact Size: Makes it easy to get to those hard to reach mechanical rooms when moving through narrow doors, halls and small elevators. The water header assembly can be removed to make the condensing unit even smaller.
    • Easy To Install: Units are shipped complete with panels and water headers. Once in position, its just a matter of connecting the main headers to each other.
    • Easily Expanded: Add a new chiller to the end of the existing row, connect up the main headers, the refrigeration piping to the evaporator and main power and you are done. Twelve (12) chillers can be connected in one row.
    • Easy to Remove: Takes only an hour to remove a chiller for service without interruption to the rest of the system and is restored just as easily. Having the option to remove and replace the chiller for service when you want not when the cooling season is over.
    • Easy To Operate: Remote start up and alarm contact. Large LCD displays with keypads.
    • BAS Communications: BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus and LonWorks.
  • Reliable: Dual High Efficiency SCROLL compressors with dual refrigeration circuits, oversized dual circuit stainless steel copper brazed plate evaporator and condenser, all necessary refrigeration components and safety controls. Combined with our exclusive INTELLIGENT CHILLER control system insures year-round reliable chiller operation for many years.
  • High Operating Efficiencies: Highest EER’s in the industry today.
  • Extraordinary Safety Features: “Intelligent Chiller” control system that senses all of the following points to prevent nuisance trips while protecting your chiller:

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