Outdoor Air Cooled Chiller For Condensing Biogas Into Liquid

August 2020 – Converting the methane gas found in garbage dumps and landfills into a useful energy source is quickly becoming a popular industry in both developed and underdeveloped countries. A major component of this conversion process is the industrial chiller.

Temperature Corporation manufactures outdoor air cooled chillers for condensing biogas into a liquid. These chillers feature a dual compressor and a dual refrigeration circuit and can operate in winter temperatures as low as -40° F. They can also come with duplex pumps for operating with 50 % glycol and tank set

Methane gas (also called biogas) is the gas generated by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It can be produced from the organic materials found in garbage or food waste, animal waste like manure, plants and raw sewage. To recycle methane gas and to use  it as an energy source, it has to be cooled or condensed by a cooling system like a chiller.

The chiller shown above will be used for a proprietary process to condense the biogas in to a liquid. The chiller is a 20 ton dual compressor- dual refrigeration circuit outdoor air cooled chiller designed to operate all year long in winter conditions as low as -40° F.  It also has duplex pumps designed to operate with 50 % glycol and tank set.

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