Pump Package For Plastic Processing Plant

Aug 2019 – Planning to expand your plastic processing plant with some new equipment, but don’t have enough pumping capacity to keep that equipment cool? We can help.

To keep your plastic processing equipment cool, Temperature Corporation manufactures chilled water and tower water pump packages.  Expanding your plastic processing plant with new equipment means you’ll need more cooling capacity and we have the pumps to do it.

For this plant expansion we built a dual pump package with a separate control panel for controlling the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on the pumps. The variable frequency drives were added to reduce the pump energy consumption for a stepped flow (variable flow) cooling system. They adjust the speed of the pump based on the water pressure. As the system demand is reduced and the chillers cycle off closing the water valve, the system water flow is reduced and the water pressure increases. The pump VFD senses this increase in pressure and slows the pump down to get back to the set point pressure. As the pump slows its energy foot print is reduced.

We supply pump packages with horizontal or vertical pumps, close coupled to 1750 or 3500 rpm TEFC motors, single or stand-by pumps with suction and discharge headers. Pump packages can be supplied pre-piped with all necessary shut-off valves, flow control valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, expansion tank, inlet strainers, temperature operated or motorized control valves, VFD for speed control of pumps and with a NEMA 4 or 12 control panels pre-wired to pump motors. Control panels are UL or CSA approved.. We use only industrial rate pumps.

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