Chiller Water Double Pump Tank Set

May 2019 – There are two options for building owners, process contractors and engineers when it comes ordering chillers and pumps. Order and install them separately or together as integrated pump packages.

When space is limited and cost is an issue, chillers with built-in pump packages are highly recommended.

We are frequently asked if there is any way to build a chiller with the pump built in to save money. But that is not the only reason for doing it that way. Chiller pump packages are also much quicker and easier to install when they are delivered already assembled.

For our latest project for a plant in Toronto, we built a 20 ton chiller with a built-in Double pump. We also included a flooded condenser for low winter ambient control down to -25°F.

We offer Single and Double Pump Tank Sets, Three Pump Manual Stand-By, and Automatic Stand-By Tank sets

All our pumps and tanks are mounted on structural steel welded bases that are painted with the control panel or motor starters mounted to the tank. We offer Chilled Water (CWPT) Pump Tanks with 7 models to choose from. And we also offer Tower Water Pump Tanks (TWPT) with 7 models to choose from.

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