Chilled Water Process Pump Tank

April 2019 – The Three Pump Manual Standby Tank Set is the most popular way to add a standby pump to the tank set.  A third pump can be installed on the frame between the two existing pumps with a common discharge header.

In this particular project, the customer had five portable chillers, one for each piece of equipment in the plant, and wanted a  centralized chilled water pump tank set for all five chillers.

Our solution was a 50 ton Three Pump Manual Stand-By Tank Set. The pumps and tank are mounted on structural steel welded bases that are painted with the control panel or motor starters mounted to the tank. Suction and discharge unions or flanges are included easy for pump removal. These tank sets also include suction shut-off valves and discharge flow control valves. Each set includes check valves, pressure and temperature gauges, discharge headers with isolation valves, temperature gauges and pressure gauges.

The tank itself is made with 304L stainless steel, internal baffles and lid.

We offer Chilled Water Pump Tanks (CWPT) with 7 models to choose from ranging from 25 tons through to 200 tons, and Tower Water Pump Tanks (TWPT) with 7 models to choose from ranging from 40 tons through to 200 tons.

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