Our Recycling Program

Jan 2021 РAt Temperature Corporation  we take great pride in our recycling efforts and are constantly looking for ways to improve them.

When it comes to reducing our environmental footprint, our top priority is the responsible and effective recycling of all the metals and materials we use in the construction of our chillers.

All of our copper pipe, copper wire, steel and cardboard waste is placed into bins and collected full. We collect various liquids including vacuum pump oil, compressor oil in a drum which is collected when full. We reclaim all of our refrigerant and reuse the clean Freon and send the contaminated Freon to our supplier for proper disposal or cleaning.

We are using more copper crimp components in the refrigeration piping to reduce our brazing foot print to protect the environment by using less oxygen and acetylene.

This year, as we reflect on how important it is to work together for a better future, we will continue to find ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce and send to landfill by our operations.

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