Central Chilling Systems For Process Cooling

July 2020 – Process cooling in the industrial world covers a very long list of manufacturing processes. Indeed, it’s hard to think of an industrial process that doesn’t require cooling. Whether its the process equipment itself or the material or product that is created, a cooling solution is an absolute necessity. 

The heat generated by an industrial process has to be removed efficiently as possible to protect the equipment and the quality of the product itself. This often means a significant investment in a centralized chilling system.

Temperature Corporation designs central chiller systems for the process cooling industry. Our modular approach allows chillers to be added to the central system easily without shutting down the existing system. Combined with our chilled water and tower water pump packages, you have a complete cooling system that communicates the operating and fault conditions of each piece of equipment in the system to your plant PLC and can be expanded as your plant grows.

Our central chillers are available in four different configurations: indoor water cooled, indoor air cooled, outdoor air cooled and remote condenser air cooled and all are available with Dual Scroll compressors, or Single Screw compressors. The modular chillers offer a system that can be easily expanded, take up minimal plant floor space and can be serviced in place without shutting down the rest of the chiller system.