Central Chillers

Central Chillers

Temperature Corporation designs modular central or plant chillers and pumping systems for the industrial process cooling industry. Our modular approach allows chillers to be added to the central system easily without shutting down the existing system. Each modular chiller comes with dual compressors and dual refrigeration circuits for redundancy and water headers are easily couple to the chiller beside it. In large injection molding plants or plants requiring 85° F (29° C) water, cooling tower systems may be purchased at the same time as the chilling system. Continue reading “Central Chillers”

Process Cooling Equipment

Industrial Chillers And Chilling Systems

Temperature Corporation manufactures industrial chillers and complete process cooling systems including water and air cooled chillers. We are proud of our 40+ years of experience supplying chilling systems and industrial chillers to a wide variety of industrial processes and production machinery applications, ranging from self-contained portable units through to completely installed “turn-key systems”. Continue reading “Process Cooling Equipment”

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