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Temperature Corporation manufactures industrial chillers and complete modular chilling systems including water and air cooled chillers. We are proud of our 40+ years of experience supplying chilling systems and industrial chillers to a wide variety of industrial processes and production machinery applications, ranging from self-contained portable units through to completely installed “turn-key systems”.

Some of these industries are: plastics, rubber, metal working, plating, die casting, chemical, printing, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, beverage and many others.

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Process Cooling Equipment

Our process cooling equipment has applications in a number of industrial processes including: injection and blow molding, film, pipe, profile and cast extrusion, vacuum forming, laminating, embossing, calendering, coating, plating, banbury and high intensity mixers, die casting, die head, wire drawing, wire coating, and many more. Since a large portion of our industrial chillers are supplied to the plastics, rubber and process industries, we specialize in their specific process temperature control applications.

Our line of process cooling equipment includes portable chillers, central chilling sysems, packaged chillers, cooling towers and pump tank sets.

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    Latest Projects

    Cold Climate Chillers

    Apr 2024 – The operation of a chiller in a cold climate has its own set of guidelines to follow. The climate in your area will be a major factor in how well your chiller operates. The conditions in your area should be seriously considered when buying a new chiller.

    Chillers For Hydrogen Cooling Systems

    Apr 2024 – The use of a renewable energy like hydrogen is starting to attract some serious attention in the automotive industry. Most of the hydrogen produced today comes steam reforming of natural gas, methane and coal.  We want to be a part of this promising new development.

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