Film Air Coolers

Film Air CoolersTemperature Corporation manufactures film air coolers. To cool multiple film air rings and IBC we offer our ACU series of film air cooling units with three-way temperature operated valves. These units operate in conjunction with our central chillers and pump tank sets. We offer the widest choice of equipment to meet your specific plant needs and conditions. These units feature:

  • 10 models to choose from
  • 500 cfm to 10,000 cfm.
  • Stainless steel insulated housing.
  • Stainless steel legs or channels to mount to the steel tower.
  • High efficiency copper tube - aluminum fin coil.
  • Three-way temperature control valve with either the self-contained bulb and capillary or motorized actuator requiring 120/1/60 power.
  • Precise engineered cooling loads for your specific film lines and plant ambient conditions.

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