Cooling Towers - PT2 Series

Cooling TowersWith a capacity range from 99 to 787 nominal tons, a new 12' x 18' box size and a standard two fan mechanical, the PT2 Series provides redundancy for critical applications and capacity control from the independent fans and motors, while maintaining key features that have made the PT2 a success. The PT2 is an ideal replacement unit that highlights our commitment to easy maintenance and installation. The units also reduce energy consumption with premium efficient motors, are easy to install with a single piece lift and the InterLok™ System, have a wind rating of 130 psf, and are seismically verified up to a SDS of 2.93g at grade.

  • Flow and Fan System: Crossflow, Induced Draft, Axial Fan.
  • Cataloged Capacity Range: 99 - 787 Nominal Tons.
  • Shake table tested up to a SDS of 2.93g at grade.
  • Meets wind and seismic requirements for the 2009 International Building Code (IBC).
  • IBC compliant for critical buildings.
  • Reduced footprint for low tonnage applications.
  • TriArmor® Corrosion Protection System.
  • EVERTOUGH™ Construction.
  • New PT2-1218 box with standard two fan mechanical provides redundancy and larger capacity.

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