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Remote Air Cooled Condensers Don't have access to building supply water (cooling tower water), and dry fluid coolers are not a viable option? We offer high efficiency remote air cooled condensers to be used with our high efficiency dual scroll condenserless condensers.

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These condensers can be located on the roof or ground and are designed to operate from 0°F (-17.7° C) with fan cycling and speed control of the first fan down to -30° F (34° C) ambient with flooded condenser incorporating a heated receiver and head pressure control valves to 105° F (40.5° C) summer ambient conditions (higher ambient operating units available).

  • Units available for 410A, 407C, 404A and 134a.
  • Standard units are designed for a maximum entering air temperature of 105° F ambient with special units designed for 115° F entering temperature.
  • Standard design is with fan cycling for a low winter ambient entering air temperature of 55° F, with fan speed control of the first fan to 0° F ambient and with flooded condenser low winter ambient to -25° F, special units to -40° F.
  • Standard 410A condensers to match our chillers - models TRAC015DZV, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 85.
  • We also supply condensers to match the condensing capacity of non-standard chillers and chillers with other Freons.

Features and Benefits

  • Corrosion Resistant Housing: all models employ mill galvanized steel fan sections and coil sides, "C" section side supports and legs of heavy mill galvanized steel with all bolted construction.
  • High Efficiency Coil: copper tubes are mechanically expanded into corrugated full collared aluminum fins spaced 10 fins per. Coils are pressure tested under water with 400 psig dry air and are shipped pressurized. On units with one to five fans 3/8" grooved copper tubes are used, on the six fan unit 1/2" smooth bore copper tubes is used.
  • Computerized Coil Circuiting: is designed to minimize the condenser refrigerant charge and maximize sub cooling. Every condenser is custom circuited to precisely meet each chiller requirement.
  • Unique Coil Support Design: the unique coil support system utilizes stainless steel tubes to isolate refrigerant tubes from the unit. Coil support is transferred from the fins to the stainless steel tubes and truncated tube plates which ride freely in "C" channels. Tubes expand and contract without interference, resulting in elimination of contact and friction wear.
  • Condenser Fans: quiet multi-bladed propeller fans provide uniform air distribution through the coil. Venturi fan orifices optimize efficiency. Condenser is two fans wide (one for each circuit) and has two fans in each row, for a total of four.
  • Weather Resistant Control Panel: standard weather resistant enclosure is mounted to the frame, control panel is compete with 120V control voltage transformer, primary and secondary fuses, fan contactors, fan cycling control thermostats, three-phase fuses for fan motors and pre-wired to fan motors.


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